Guardian introduces ScumShield Oil-Absorbing Sponge to growing accessory line

New Product Release • Greenville, PA
Guardian Filtration Products announces the introduction of the ScumShield Oil-Absorbing Sponge Float. The ScumShield joins the Max Clear Ion Exchange Pre-Filter, the Max Clear Carbon Pre-Filter and the Pre-Fill Protect Sediment Hose Filter as part of their growing accessory line.
ScumShield oil-absorbing sponge - Guardian Filtration Products
Oil-absorbing sponges have gained popularity over the commonly-used tennis ball which is known to cause headaches as they become lodged in filtration baskets and systems. The ScumSheild's no-clog design does not invade filtration systems, creating a worry-free solution to absorb body and suntan oils, suntan lotions, pollen, scum particles, and cosmetics before they enter the filtration system. Removing these materials prior to the filtration process preserves cartridge materials from build-up that contributes to product degradation and eventual failure. The ScumShield also helps reduce build-up on pool and spa sides, liners and shells.
Known for the last 14 years as primarily a filter cartridge manufacturer, Guardian is continuing to expand their offering to better serve professional customers. Founded on the notion that the customer comes first, Guardian strives to simplify the process of product acquisition for Pool & Spa Professionals. A more diverse product offering means less back and forth between suppliers and a quicker profit turn for pool and spa stores.
The ScumShield's target launch is set for mid-July. Contact Guardian at or (724) 646-0450 for pricing and ordering information.
Guardian Filtration Products is a privately owned, fully-integrated manufacturer and distributor of pool and spa filter cartridges and accessories. Guardian is headquartered in Greenville, Pennsylvania, housing manufacturing, warehousing, sales and distribution.

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