806-220-02M Pool Filter Cartridge Two Pack

Genuine product manufactured by: Guardian Filtration Products


The Choice is ClearWhen it comes to affordable, clean water in your pool, spa or hot tub...the choice is clear. Guardian Filtration is a leading US manufacturer of superior pool filtration technology and spa filter cartridges that are affordable and easy to install.For over 18 years we've been obsessing over our initial goal of manufacturing premium quality pool and spa filter cartridges that don't cost an arm and a leg.We manufacture and warehouse over 200 of the most popular cartridges out of our Greenville, Pennsylvania production, manufacturing and warehouse facility.We ship fast for American families and American pool and spa professionals.Discover why we are trusted by indoor and outdoor pool experts all over America.Guardian Filtration Pool and Spa Filters Perform BetterMade in the USAThis premium cartridge filter is made in the USA at our Greenville, Pennsylvania production facility. We use premium filter material, superior filter cores, and chlorine resistant end caps to ensure a product that filters pool and spa water more efficiently to keep you and your family safe. Our USA made filters last longer compared to competitor cartridge filters.Premium Pool and Spa FiltrationOur premium filter material and expansive flow core work together to increase the efficiency of your pool or spa's pump. That means more particles, oils and debris are filtered faster and easier by your pump every minute. That means less wear and tear on your pump, which saves energy and maintenance costs, while keeping your water safe and clean at all times.Expansive Flow CoresThe Guardian Core Advantage ensures maximum water flow. That allows our premium filter material to capture more dirt and debris per gallon of water pumped. Besides cleaner water in your pool or spa, this helps reduce stress on your pump which can save you money on water, maintenance costs and energy costs over the course of your pump's life.Easy to Clean CartridgesRemove your Guardian Filtration cartridge and clean it quickly and easily to give the cartridge new life and superior filtration. Because you can easily clean your Guardian filter, each filter lasts longer. This ultimately saves you money on filter costs every season. We recommend having two filters on hand for zero filtration downtime while cleaning and to extend the life of each filter.Guardian Filtration is Here for YouFor Your PoolOur pool filter cartridges efficiently filter thousands of gallons of indoor and outdoor pool water to keep your pool clean, safe and free of debris and particles. We combine pleated filter material to greatly increase the filtration surface area of each pool filter cartridge. We offer high efficiency trilobal and point bonded filter material to catch even more dirt, microbes and mold per square inch compared to other leading pool filter manufacturers.For Your Hot TubWe offer the same premium quality water filtration for a variety of at home hot tub and swim spa models. Our chlorine resistant end caps help protect your filters and keep them operating at maximum efficiency even after treating your hot tub or spa. Our premium high efficiency material can be used with cool, warm and hot water pool, spa and hot tub models. Enjoy safe and clean water affordably.For Your FamilyThe right pool or spa filter doesn't just help protect the investment you've made on your pool, hot tub and spa set up. It also helps protect your family from the potentially dangerous particles that can breed in your indoor or outdoor pool. Keep your family safe and keep your pool or hot tub water clean, clear and ready for fun and relaxation year round!Guardian Filtration Products are built to perform and save you money!Based in Northwest Pennsylvania since 2003, Guardian Filtration Products began with a simple goal - manufacture high-quality pool & spa filter cartridges that don't cost an arm and a leg. We've maintained that goal for over 18 years, manufacturing and warehousing over 200 of the most popular cartridges - a number that continually grows based on the demands of the market.Guardian Filtration Products is a brand created with the consumer in mind - manufacturing proven, quality products that are affordable for pool and spa professionals.Guardian Filtration - Model 806-220Filter Specs and DimensionsLength - 6 1/4"Diameter - 8"Top - Open hole 3 3/8"Bottom - Open hole 4 1/2"Length - 6 1/4"Diameter - 8"Top - Open hole 3 3/8"Bottom - Open hole 4 1/2"30 sq. ft. of high-quality 4 oz. Filtration FabricDurable USA made end capsCompatible Replacement for Popular BrandsPleatco PBF40Pleatco PBF40-MBull Frog Wellspring 30 Coreless10-0028210-00282Used in pools/spas made by: Bull Frog Wellspring and other manufacturers. ✅ Filters May Be Green or Blue ✅REPLACEMENT FILTER - Get purer, cleaner water in your spa with these replacement cartridge filters compatible with: for Pleatco PBF40 and PBF40-M, Bull Frog Wellspring 30 Coreless 10-00282 filter cartridges. ✅DIMENSIONS - This replacement pool filter cartridge has an open 3 3/8 inch (3.375") top, 4 1/2 inch (4.5") open hole bottom, 8 inch (8") diameter and 6 1/4 inch (6.25") length. Contains 30 square feet of premium spunbond filter material. ✅ MULTI PACK SAVINGS - Choose from our value savings single, double or 4 pack filter bundle. Having multiple filters on hand can help extend the life of each and protects your pool or spa because you can keep 1 filter active while cleaning the other for zero filtration downtime. ✅ EASY TO CLEAN - Guardian Filtration Products are designed to be long lasting and easy to clean so you can keep your pool and spa crystal clear and safe for you and your family. Our premium filter material keeps your water clearer and is easier to clean. ✅ Guardian Filtration Products has been operating out of Northwest Pennsylvania since 2003. We're committed to creating affordable, high quality pool filtration products and accessories. Click Add-to-Cart or 1-Click Buy to order your pool/spa filter cartridge today!

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Genuine product manufactured by: Guardian Filtration Products

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